Klik Choco Kid Bar Review

There's always something new and interesting in the World Foods section of Tesco, usually the prices are far too high but one that caught my eye that was affordable recently was this Klik Choco Kid bar. When I posted a pic of this on Instagram there was a lot of interest, I didn't realize this bar was so popular, so I thought I'd see what the fuss is about!

I love the shape of the bar, removing it from the wrapper revealed a bubbled design, a little similar to the now discontinued Dairy Milk Bubbly bars.

The bar contains a milk creme filling, which is presumably what makes it for kids. The actual chocolate was very sweet and like any standard milk chocolate, but the milk creme was even sweeter and overpowered everything else. It didnt really taste of much and wasn't a fine milk filling like what you get in Lindt Milk Creme, but clearly a cheaper recipe. It was ok but not one of the most enbjoyable chocolate bars around. Shame, because it looked so cool!

Overall, this isn't something worth seeking out but it does have a cool design. I'd be interested in trying more products from the Klik brand, they do some crunchy bites at Tesco that look a bit more appealing.

7 out of 10.


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