Itsu Coconut Crunch Coconut Chips

Itsu coconut crunch coconut chips

I'm a huge fan of anything coconutty, from chocolate to ice cream to coconut milk...but one new trend I'm a little unsure of is coconut "savoury" snacks. I've previously reviewed Ape Coconut Curls which were flavoured with salt and pepper, and although they were ok they were indeed a little odd as a savoury snack. So how does this Itsu version compare? 

Itsu coconut crunch coconut chips

For £1.10 at Waitrose I got a box containing 17g of lightly salted coconut chips, which really isn't very good value for money. I was hoping they'd be very tasty and good quality for paying so much for so little. 

Itsu coconut crunch coconut chips

Thankfully they were indeed very tasty. There's 0.5% sea salt which is just enough to give them a nice savoury edge, and they were very crunchy and moreish, but I have to be honest it did feel weird eating something that's supposed to be sweet as a savoury snack. I still think the Crisp Coconut chips from Holland and Barrett are the best around, they're excellent value for money and you can use them as either a sweet or savoury snack as you wish. 

Overall, these coconut chips from Itsu are a nice handy snack if you're trying to be healthy, but they're not the best value around. 

7.5 out of 10.


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