Feast Peanut Butter Snack Bar

feast snack bar peanut butter

Recently, Wall's launched two new peanut butter flavoured ice creams. One was the tasty Magnum Double Peanut Butter, and the other was this Feast Snack Bar. Strangely, this doesn't state on the front of the pack that it has anything to do with peanut butter, but the back describes these ice creams as "Peanut butter flavour ice cream with caramel sauce, milk chocolate flavour coating and peanut pieces".

feast snack bar peanut butter

I haven't eaten a Feast in years because they contain gluten, but these are different from a regular Feast as they don't contain the solid chocolate centre, and thus are gluten free. While I'm glad about that, I couldn't help thinking "what makes them a Feast without the solid centre?!" Still, I had to try them in the name of Snacks Science...

feast snack bar

I can't say they were that great to be honest. The ice cream has a vague peanutty flavour, but not particularly strong and it's a stretch to call it peanut butter. The caramel sauce was hardly detectable, there was a very thin layer of it and it added a slight sticky sweetness but that's about all. The chocolate coating wasn't real chocolate but some kind of cocoa and vegetable fat mixture, so it didn't taste all that nice.

Overall, these Feast Snack Bars are rather pointless in my opinion. They don't deliver anything on the peanut butter front (which is perhaps why they haven't advertised this on the front of the pack), they're pretty much just glorified Choc Ices. I wouldn't buy these again.

6 out of 10.


  1. They're so disappointing aren't they? Peanut butter feasts *sound* so good, it's such a pity they're so half-hearted. Boo.

  2. Fully agree with this - there was no 'bite' to them, overly sweet and needed some form of nuts/biscuit crunch.


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