Wrigley's 5 Turbulence Watermelon Gum

I'm not usually a big fan of chewing gum apart from the fruity ones like Hubba Bubba (technically bubble gum, but I still see it as the same thing!), but when I spotted this Watermelon flavour from Wrigley's 5 I thought it unique enough to try. Wrigley's 5 is a chewing gum range with stronger and more intense flavours than regular chewing gums; I've tried some of their range in the past and thought they were very successful as far as gum goes.

This Watermelon flavour was just as good as the others in the range, it had a strong and realistic watermelon taste which was very refreshing. I really enjoyed it and thought it was a nice way to get a breath freshening hit. The flavour is more intense and lasts longer than regular gums, which is exactly what you want if you're buying gum in my opinion. Nothing annoys me more than gum which tastes nice for the first few bites and then loses it's flavour!

Overall, I can only recommend this gum, it gives a refreshing watermelon taste and goes further than most regular, boring chewing gums!

Price: 59p from local newsagent.
Ingredients: Contains sweeteners, soya, and a source of phenylalanine. Suitable for vegetarians.


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