Snickers Dark - Polish limited edition!

limited edition polish

Whilst browsing a local discount store recently I came across this Snickers Dark, which is a Polish limited edition. They were selling at 4 for a pound and slightly past their sell by date, but as I have never tried a dark chocolate Snickers before I thought I'd give them a try.

As far as I'm aware there's never been a Dark chocolate Snickers in the UK before. Mars have brought out dark chocolate Mars bars under the name Mars Midnight plenty of times (see a review of it here by Foodstuff Finds), but I've never seen an actual dark chocolate Snickers.

polish limited edition

The first thing I noticed about this Snickers is that it's a lot smaller than our UK version. It doesn't surprise me because Polish Lion bars are also much smaller than the UK versions. Maybe the Polish just like smaller portions of chocolate compared to us Brits?

limited edition

Taste-wise, I wasn't very impressed. Perhaps it's because of being out of date but it just tasted quite plain and without much definition of flavour. The caramel was too hard and chewy and pretty tasteless, and the dark chocolate wasn't particularly rich or flavoursome. The peanuts tasted nice, though.

Overall, unless you're very curious I would avoid this one. I believe there's a US version of dark chocolate Snickers available at American import stores, so I would go for that instead.

Price: 4 for £1.
Made by: Mars Polska.


  1. I saw it a few times in a local store but i always thought that I'm gonna buy it another time. When I finally decided to buy it, the bars were gone. I was a little disappointed .And I didn't know that the polish versions were smaller, for me they're even a little to big.

  2. I like the idea of a dark chocolate Snickers - I'll have to keep an eye out for this one!


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