Ülker Ҫikolata - Turkish Hazelnut Chocolate

Whilst browsing a local Turkish store I came across this bar of "Ülker Ҫikolata Findikli", which is a milk chocolate bar containing chopped hazelnuts. I'm always interested in foreign brands I've never heard of before so decided to give it a try. Unfortunately I hadn't checked the date and it turned out that it was very close to the sell-by date. It also cost £1.49, which considering the small size of the bar is a lot of money for something that's stale! I seem to be cursed with buying out of date chocolate bars, when will I learn?!

Anyway, when I opened the wrapper the chocolate at least smelled very nice. And it looked pretty attractive too with it's gold foil wrapper and interesting shaped blocks:

Unfortunately it tasted horrible. The chopped hazelnuts were stale and tasted rancid, completely ruining the bar. I had to throw it in the bin after a few bites.

Overall I was very disappointed with this bar, it's such a shame it wasn't in date as I'd really like to see how Turkish chocolate compares to our British stuff. If I come across another Ülker bar in future I'll give one a try as long as it's in date!

For a more positive Ülker product review do check out Grocery Gems' post on Ülker Cokomel Banana Marshmallow Chocolates, they sound a lot more appetizing than this bar!


  1. Ah it's a shame it was out of date, I hate it when that happens - especially if you've paid full price! I recently bought a hazelnut Ulker bar called "Hobby", but I don't have high expectations for it!

    Thanks for the mention too :)

    1. Most welcome! Ah I've seen that Hobby bar too - interesting name, hope it tastes ok!


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