Nestlé Aero Bubbles have changed! (plus some history)

Aero Bubbles latest incarnation - 2013
When Aero Bubbles were first launched in 2005 they had a duel green and milk chocolate shell with a milk chocolate mint flavour centre. Here is a pic (courtesy of the brilliant snacks archive on

Original incarnation launched in 2005
Then for some inexplicable reason Nestlé changed them to being all milk chocolate, with a milk chocolate shell and milk chocolate mint flavour centre:
Then they changed the centres to being green coloured, with a milk chocolate shell (this pic is from Jim's Chocolate Mission who reviewed them back in 2008):

Now, Aero Bubbles have made the full transition to a duel milk and green shell, with a bubbly green mint centre!:

The latest incarnation of Aero Bubbles
Confusing huh? Presumably the reason they initially changed them was because they're cheaper to make in all milk chocolate. But the charm of Aero Bubbles was always the duel green and milk chocolate shell, as well as the addictive minty taste.

And make no mistake, they are as delicious and addictive as they always were! They taste creamy, and refreshingly minty but not overpowering. The bubbly texture makes them light and moreish and I soon munched through this little bag, although to be fair it didn't contain many!

Overall, I don't get why Nestlé changed these so much, but at least they saw sense and ditched the "all milk chocolate" version. Curiously, the bag doesn't state how many grams it contains, so I wonder if this is because of a stealth reduction in size. I feel some snacks detective work calling me...

At least they haven't had the audacity to put a "New!" label on them like some companies do! (for a funny take on this phenomenom, see Grocery Gems fantastic post "Who knew it was not so new?" here:

Price: Large packs are currently £1 at Asda.
Nutritional: Contains milk.


  1. Kev this is a GREAT post! It's so interesting to see all the different versions of the Aero Bubbles. Let's hope they've settled on the final one now! I've added a link to this in my Aero Bubbles review :)

    I completely agree about the "new" label too. I'm impressed that they didn't use the word because, let's face it, they could easily have put it on the packaging.

    Thanks for the mention too! I must do another one of those posts soon :)

    1. Aw thankyou Katherine :) Yes it surprised me they didn't put a "new" label on these too haha, I searched all over the pack fully expecting one!

      And yes please do another post on those "new" labels, it's such a good idea!

  2. Interesting post. I have actually never tried these but I got sent a load from BzzAgent so will be reviewing shortly. I knew they had been out before but didn't realise there were so many versions!


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