Cadbury Pots of Joy - White Chocolate Buttons Review

white chocolate buttons

After reading Grocery Gems review of these new Pots of Joy I've been on the hunt for them ever since. I found the twin packs in the Co-Op, but for some odd reason they didn't have any of the white chocolate buttons variety - the ones I wanted to try the most! So I bided my time, and it's just as well I did because I found them on offer in Asda a few days later at £1 for a 4 pack! Bargain! I bought these and the caramel variety.

white chocolate buttons

One thing I wasn't quite expecting, despite reading Grocery Gems' reviews, was just how small they would be. There wasn't much more than two spoonfuls in a pot! Before I knew it I'd eaten it all and had to break into a second pot to feel like I'd eaten something (I'm sure this is a trick to get people to consume more!).

white chocolate buttons

Taste-wise they were very creamy and smooth, and being white chocolate flavoured they were also quite sweet. A little bit too sweet for me, infact. The white chocolate flavour was nice but I thought it could have been a bit stronger. The smoothness of these desserts more than made up for the sweetness though - they were ridiculously smooth and creamy.

Overall I thought these were nice desserts, they're very smooth and creamy and if you like white chocolate you're bound to enjoy them. They were just a little bit too sweet for me though, as well as being too small. That said, I would still buy them again if I wanted a white chocolate fix in dessert form.

Price: £1 for 4 pots at Asda.
Ingredients: Contains gelatine - not suitable for vegetarians!
Allergy information: Contains milk and soya.
Calories: 160 Calories and 6.6g fat per 70g pot.         


  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I thought the size of the pots was OK but mainly because they were very sweet and rich so a little goes a long way. I guess they need to make a MAN size version of them too. Like those Yorkie buttons all over again lol :D

    1. Haha yes a man size version would be great! :D

  2. Hey there! I was just wondering if you've tried the cadbury's chocolate covered pretzels? :D (They're in a blue bag!) I've been looking around to see what you think of them, but no luck so far! I personally think they're the nicest snack out there - The pretzels are lovely and crunchy, the chocolate is smooth, and the salt is just a brilliant addition :) You should try them if you haven't already :D


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