Marks & Spencer Percy Pig Dessert Sauce

percy pig dessert sauce

Not content with just being a sweet, Percy Pig wants to change...into sauce! Equal rights for everyone and all that - who are we to stop Percy if this is what he dreams of?

My initial reaction to this sauce was that it sounds a little bit weird, but nevertheless I had to purchase a bottle when I spotted them for £2 at Marks and Spencer. It’s based on apple sauce with the unmistakable Percy pig sweet flavour blended in. Now when you factor that Percy Pig is predominantly a mix of various fruit anyway, it doesn’t actually seem that weird.

percy pig dessert sauce

I had also bought some Fibre One Birthday Cake squares to review, so thought “why not combine them?!” I like to live wild like that!

percy pig dessert sauce

The sauce is pretty syrupy and really does taste like Percy Pig, albeit with more of an apple-y tang. It’s actually not too bad once you get over the weirdness factor. It jazzed up the Fibre One square nicely as it was a little dry and dull by itself - but I’m sure it would work much better on ice cream or pancakes!

Overall, whilst this might sound a bit odd it’s most certainly worth a try for those who are adventurous! I imagine we will be seeing lots of “Instagram bakers” using it in a variety of creations before too long!


Note: it contains butter and egg, so isn't suitable if you have those allergies.


  1. Pity it has butter :-( I think I might have like this!

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