Dairy Free Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

Halo Top Dairy Free Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

As well as the new Dairy Free Peanut Butter Cup Halo Top I reviewed recently, I picked up the Sea Salt Caramel variety as part of the special offer at Tesco (2 tubs for £7). I was tempted by the Toasted Coconut one and will probably try that at some point too, but let's crack on with today's review...

Halo Top Dairy Free Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

The ice cream is soy free, vegan and gluten free, although has been processed in a factory that uses nuts, milk, egg and wheat - so beware if you are sensitive to any of those. It's described as "Sea salt caramel flavour ice cream with sugar and sweeteners".

Halo Top Dairy Free Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

Opening the lid, there seemed to be some nice pockets of caramel tucked into the ice cream. I scooped some into a bowl.

Halo Top Dairy Free Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

It tasted lovely! I preferred this one a lot more to the Peanut Butter Cup variety, it tastes exactly of salted caramel and is the perfect creamy consistency. The texture is nice and light, and the pea and rice protein in the ingredients didn't seem to be as noticeable as in the Peanut Butter flavour. It just tastes of pure salted caramel goodness! The ripples of sauce were very nice, although I do wish there were a few more of them.

All in all, this is another win from Halo Top and would be my go-to flavour out of the two I've tried so far! If you're vegan, or just avoiding dairy this is definitely a must-try and is much better than Alpro Ice Creams.

Ingredients: coconut milk (coconut cream, water), prebiotic fibre, caramel swirl 6% (sugar, tapioca syrup, water, palm kernel oil, natural flavours, brown rice protein, salt), organic cane sugar, sweetener erythtritol, rice protein concentrate, emusifier vegetable glycerin, pea protein concentrate, natural flavour, organic stabiliser carob bean gum & guar gum, sea salt, organic sunflower lecithin, organic sweetener steviol glucosides (stevia).

Nutrition Information per 100ml: 68 Calories, 2.5g Fat, 14g Carbohydrates, 5.2g Sugars, 4.2g Polyols, 4g Fibre, 2.2g Protein. 

9 out of 10.


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