Charlene's Chocolate Factory Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Today's review is the last bar I was sent from the lovely Charlene's Chocolate Factory, whose bars I previously reviewed included Bubblebum Blonde chocolate, Mint Choc Chip, Beetroot Chocolate and Coffee Chocolate. Today's is somewhat more "normal" in comparison, but just as tasty as the other bars.

Based on the film Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Charlene's Chocolate Factory make unique and colourful bars in a variety of flavours and varieties such as Gin and Tonic, Salt & Pepper Caramel, Cherry Bakewell and even...Rosemary! Yes, they certainly have something for everyone and you can check out their unique range here: 

They do a lot of bars suitable for vegans; this one is part of the range and is a blend of dark chocolate with freeze dried raspberries. One side is portioned into blocks whilst the other is flatter and patterned. 

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Raspberry Dark Chocolate

It tastes lovely; the dark chocolate is just the right level of richness and sweetness whilst the raspberries bring a nice welcome tanginess. There's plenty of them too; this bar doesn't skimp on the raspberries like some chocolates do. If you're a fan of the combination you'll love this! 

Overall, if you're dairy free, gluten free, vegan or otherwise you'll want to check out Charlene's Chocolate Factory - they have something for everyone in their range, from dark chocolate to milk and white, with plenty of fun vibrant colours thrown in. Highly recommended!

To check out the full range visit:

8 out of 10. 


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