Ritter Sport Honey Salt Almonds

Ritter Sport Honey Salt Almonds

I do love me some Ritter Sport chocolate, and luckily it's becoming more widely available in the UK - everywhere from Poundland, The Co Op, most supermarkets and even WH Smiths now sells it! However the newer flavours available in Germany are slower to find their way here. Luckily though, the Macadamia Nut Perfection and this Honey Salt Almonds have managed to make the trip!

Ritter Sport Honey Salt Almonds

I found this on a local market stall for only £1. It promises milk chocolate with roasted almonds, blended with a touch of honey and salt.

Ritter Sport Honey Salt Almonds

Like all Ritter Sport chocolate bars, the milk chocolate is of high quality - creamy, yet rich tasting, and better than most average UK milk chocolate bars. The almonds might have been a little ordinary by themselves, but with the sweet taste of honey and the savoury lick of salt they really do make this bar truly special. It's the perfect sweet and salty mish-mash, a very moreish bar indeed that is somehow quite satisfying compared to other bars of this size.

Overall, this is a great bar from Ritter Sport and one I hope sticks around. That said I am rooting for the Ritter Sport Einhorn (Unicorn) Limited Edition to be brought to the UK - it contains pink chocolate! And it's unicorn themed! Please do it, Ritter!

8.5 out of 10.


  1. Good luck with the Unicorn chocolate! I've not seen it yet and I'm actually bloody well in Germany! Similarly I keep seeing some Katjes sour Unicorn sweets being posted on the German snack Instagrams and I cannot for the life of me find them! #SnackProblems

    1. Oh that doesn't bode well haha. It must be super rare!


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