NuVa Watermelon & Melon Spring Water

NuVa Watermelon Watermelon & Melon Spring Water

I never thought the day would come - I have resisted it with all my snacking might - but finally, Snackaggedon is here and I'm reviewing...water! Not just any old water though, this is NuVa Spring Water with a kiss of Watermelon and Melon. It contains zero sweeteners, sugar or preservatives, just natural melon flavours and jasmine extract.

NuVa Watermelon Watermelon & Melon Spring Water

I spotted this whilst searching for something refreshing in Sainsbury's Express, and thought it fitted the bill. This is legally defined as a zero calories drink, however small traces may be present in the natural flavourings.

It tastes okay, pretty much what you'd expect from slightly flavoured spring water. The watermelon is literally just a "hint" of flavour, not very strong at all, but it's enough to make the water more interesting. It's refreshing and light, and definitely more enjoyable than plain water.

If you're on a low calorie, zero sugar or low carb diet then this is probably perfect for you. It adds some interest to otherwise plain spring water and doesn't cost a whole lot more in price.

Also available in Tangerine & Mango, Raspberry & Blueberry, Ginger & Lemon and Cucumber & Garden Mint flavours.

8 out of 10.


  1. I tried this. And I must say it's a very refreshing taste


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