Pepsi Max Ginger Review

pepsi max ginger

I wasn't sure whether to try this new ginger flavour Pepsi Max when it came out - I do love ginger beer but combined with Pepsi it didn't sound like my kind of thing. I'm not a huge fan of Pepsi at the best of times either - I much prefer Vanilla Coke (which, by the way is now available in a Coca Cola Zero Vanilla variation!)

pepsi max ginger

So I tried this expecting something a bit like ginger beer, but it turned out rather different. It's pretty much Pepsi Max with all it's artificial sweetness - something I'm not used to since I stopped drinking drinks with aspartame in some time ago - with a hint of ginger flavour in the background. It's pleasant and warming, but very inoffensive and true ginger beer lovers might be disappointed. If you like milder flavours however this might just be your thing!

Overall, not a bad drink, but would I buy it again? Probably not - I'll stick to ginger beer! (which, incidentally I have a review coming up for Crabbie's Gluten Free Ginger Beer - stay tuned for that!)

7 out of 10.


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