Magnum Almond Tub Ice Cream

magnum almond tub ice cream

As well as the new White Chocolate Magnum Tub Ice Cream I reviewed the other day, Unilever have brought out a Classic Milk Chocolate variety, and this - Almond Milk Chocolate, all of which are available from Iceland for £3.89 a tub.

magnum almond tub ice cream

This is suitable for vegetarians and is described as "Vanilla ice cream, almond pieces and milk chocolate shards in a cracking milk chocolate shell". There's a thick layer of milk chocolate above the ice cream, containing bits of almond embedded within.

magnum almond tub ice cream

Luckily it was the perfect temperature to crack open with a spoon, which I didn't hesitate in doing!

magnum almond tub ice cream

The chocolate has a very full on rich, creamy flavour, with the savoury nuttiness of the almond mixing well with it. It compliments the vanilla ice cream nicely, and there's also extra shards of milk chocolate within the ice cream for extra enjoyment.

magnum almond tub ice cream

As nice as this variety is, it paled in comparison to the White Chocolate version in my opinion. The white chocolate one is much creamier and a lot more decadent, whereas this feels rich and nutty, but a little on the sickly side. Maybe I'd just eaten too much ice cream all at once?!

Overall, this is a nice variety in the Magnum Tub Ice Cream range, but I do wish I'd got the Classic Milk Chocolate instead. I think they should do a caramel that would be amazing!

Nutrition (per 100ml): 234 Calories, 14g Fat, 22g Carbohydrates, 20g Sugars, 3.3g Protein.

8 out of 10.


  1. Just tried this for the first time (it's been out for a year?) and I agree completely, it's delicious!


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