Co Yo Salted Caramel Coconut Milk Yoghurt

coyo salted caramel yogurt

I've never been a fan of regular yogurts, they're just not something I eat a lot of, but one brand I've always had a soft spot for is Co Yo (in fact I reviewed their Original Co Yo Yoghurt wayyy back!) Their yogurts are made exclusively with coconut milk, and are suitable for anyone who is dairy free or vegan. They also contain no added sugar and are suitable for anyone on The Paleo Diet.

coyo salted caramel yogurt

They're usually around £2 a pot but Tesco are selling them for £1.50 currently so I couldn't resist giving this Salted Caramel variety a try. It contains coconut caramel, which is a mixture of coconut milk, coconut sugar and Himalayan salt. Opening the lid, it had a very natural but distinct caramel aroma.

coyo salted caramel yogurt

Taking a spoonful, the first thing I noticed was just how thick and rich the texture of the yogurt is. It's very satisfying and creamy, and feels like a proper luxury yogurt. The caramel taste is strong, but rather than the super sweet throat burning caramel in many products, it feels natural, with a strong flavour of coconut sugar. It feels both healthy and naughty at the same time - win win!

Overall, for a yogurt that ticks all health boxes of being dairy free, vegan, paleo and sugar free this yogurt is an absolute delight! It's one I'd definitely buy again as a healthier treat or simple dessert.

Ingredients: coconut milk (74%), coconut caramel (25%) (coconut milk, coconut sugar, crystal Himalayan salt), tapioca starch and pectin, live vegan yoghurt cultures. 

Nutritional Information (per 100g): 206 calories, 16g fat, 11.9g carbohydrates, 11.9g sugars, 2.6g protein. 

9 out of 10.


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