Walkers Bugles Sour Cream & Black Pepper Review

walkers bugles sour cream and black pepper

Bugles have been around for a while now, sold by different companies in different countries, it seems. They used to be sold by Golden Wonder in the UK in the early 2000's, but disappeared off shelves when the company went bust. However it seems that Walkers now have rights to the brand and have re-launched them with flavours such as Cheese, BBQ and Sour Cream & Black Pepper. I found a large bag of the latter in Asda for £1 recently, and they also had the Cheese variety, plus a multipack of the BBQ ones in a smaller pack format.

walkers bugles sour cream and black pepper

These are basically horn shaped crunchy corn snacks with a sour cream and pepper coating, and they're verrrrrrry moreish! When I opened the pack I wasn't expecting a lot, but once I started eating I found I couldn't stop, they're so addictive. They're light, crunchy, and with just the right amount of sour cream and pepper flavouring to make them tasty, but without the usual nasty additives like yeast extract or MSG, that corn snacks so often have in.

Overall, these are some seriously moreish snacks/crisps, perfect for any occasion really, but be warned: share them out with friends or you'll probably end up eating the whole bag to yourself!

8.5 out of 10.


  1. They bizarrely smell vinegar-like!

  2. I used to love these so as a child of the late 80's early 0-'s I am excited. Now awaiting the return of Doritoes 3d and bitz a pizza

  3. Why do all crisps come in sour cream flavour nowadays? It's like the new S&V, C&O and Ready Salted.. Who even eats sour cream regular? I don't much like sour cream unless its in cake (Obvs). Clearly people are becoming far to Mexican in life and eating SC loaded Nachos and FA-JEE-TAS by the bucket load.. I can't see any other reason for the demand. Very strangeo! xx

    1. I guess sour cream works better in crisps than it does by itself...I hate real sour cream too but love it in crisps xx

    2. Can I tempt you with a Nacho or a FA-JEE-TA? xx


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