Nestle Yorkie Crack It Desserts

Nestle Yorkie crack it dessert

Nestle have recently launched more of their chocolate bars into dessert form, this time with a layer of chunky chocolate above the dessert so you can "get stuck in to the delicious chocolate dessert beneath". Sounds fun doesn't it?!

Yorkie crack it dessert

There's two varieties so far, Rolo and Yorkie, but strangely my local Tesco only had the Yorkie variety in the other day. Hopefully the Rolo one is coming soon. They cost £1.30 for two pots of 90g of dessert, although I'm sure they will be on special offer at some point.

Nestle Yorkie crack it dessert

It's basically chocolate dessert with a layer of set chocolate above it...there were a few grooves in it so I stuck my spoon into them. I must admit it was somewhat fun smashing through the chocolate.

Nestle Yorkie crack it

Unfortunately, that was where the fun ended. The actual chocolate dessert is quite bland, it's not particularly creamy or chocolatey, just a standard chocolate dessert. I couldn't help but wish I had the Rolo variety instead!

Overall, these desserts are an interesting and novel idea, they are quite fun and I'm sure kids will enjoy cracking into them, it's just a shame the quality isn't better. I'm still going to look out for the Rolo version as I imagine it'll be a lot more tasty...

7 out of 10. 


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