Alpro Cashew Original Fresh Nut Milk

Alpro cashew original fresh milk

When I posted a pic this new Alpro Cashew Milk on Instagram the other day it caused quite a much so that my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give it a try. It cost £1.80 in Tesco which isn't all that cheap, but I'm sure it'll be on a £1 offer in the near future.

This milk is of course dairy free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike, as well as gluten and soya free. It contains 3.1% cashew nut, as well as sugar, stabilisers and emulsifiers, which is typical for most nut milks. It has 2g sugars and 23 calories per 100ml, and contains vitamins B12, B2, E and calcium.

Alpro cashew original fresh

I poured some into a glass to find it had a rather heavy, creamy texture, almost like full fat cows milk. I wasn't expecting this since other dairy free milks are often thin and watery. Taking a sip, I found it to be pleasantly sweet and quite silky, with a distinctive cashew flavour. It's probably the only nut milk I've tried that tastes similar to cows milk in texture and sweetness. This really surprised me and I found myself enjoying it quite a lot! I haven't tried it in tea or coffee yet but I will be very soon...maybe I'll do an update on that later :)

Overall, this new Alpro Cashew Milk really surprised me, I wasn't expecting to like it at all but it's actually one of the best dairy free milks I've tasted so far; much better than Almond or Rice Milk. If you're dairy free, vegan or just trying to be healthier in general and miss the creaminess of dairy, this is a must-try.

8 out of 10.


  1. i really hope they do an un sweetened version of this soon!

  2. I would like to switch to a dairy free alternative, but the replacements all seem to be full of artificial gums and stabilisers and sugar and things and I don't like the idea. it goes against 'clean eating' - not that I eat super clean but milk is cleaner!

    1. This one isn't too doesn't have the bad gums in it like carageenan etc. You can buy additive free coconut milks, one good brand is Aroy D.


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