Udi's Gluten Free Dark Chocolate, Pecan & Maple Cookies

So this week I've decided to review only gluten free snacks. I'm sensitive to gluten and have been off it for a while now, and have been a bit disappointed with many of the gluten free choices out there. It's mighty hard to find a good gluten free cookie in the shops, in fact it's impossible to find the gooey, buttery fresh ones, so we're left with only the dry, shelf stable kind to nom on :(

One of the new kids on the (gluten free) block is Udi's, a brand popular in America that has only recently made its presence felt on UK shores. They make various bread rolls, bagels, toaster pastries, and more. My local large Tesco stocks a few of their Cookie varieties, which usually cost £3.50 (too much for my budget!) but when they're half price I sometimes buy a pack.

They're currently half price in Tesco again and for £1.75 I decided to give this "Dark Chocolate Chip, Pecan Nut & Maple Flavour" variety a try.

You get ten cookies in a plastic tray split into two sections. This may not sound a lot, but the cookies are quite fat and chunky, more so than regular cookies that contain gluten.

They had a pleasant maple aroma although I could tell they were  "factory" made cookies rather than fresh...they just had that smell about them.

They tasted pretty decent...the texture was soft rather than crunchy or crumbly, with a strong vanilla edge. I could taste the maple and the pecans but oddly the dark chocolate chips didn't come through very well. Somehow, the flavours didn't really work together, maybe it's just a duff combination but it didn't taste all that fresh or moreish to me, I didn't really feel that urge to keep eating after one. I know Udi's make better flavours though because I've tried their Salted Caramel cookies before which are LOVELY. I think I must have got either a duff batch or a duff flavour here. Udi's also do a peanut butter and coconut variety, which are also nicer than these.

Overall, I have to say Udi's do make some nice cookies, they're different to most "crunchy" shelf stable cookies and most "chewy" fresh cookies, they have a soft, comforting texture which is entirely different but very nice when you get the right flavour combination. I wasn't a fan of this particular flavour, but I do like the Salted Caramel ones so my recommendation would be to try those first. I'll have a review of them up eventually!

7 out of 10. 


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