IKEA Blueberry Gluten Free Cheesecake

Whilst visiting IKEA over Christmas I spotted this Gluten Free Blueberry cake at IKEA, in the imported foods section. They had loads of Swedish goodies there but this excited me the most...I've been off gluten for a while now and it's impossible to find a gluten free cheesecake for some odd reason! The closest you'll come to one is Almondy Tarts, which incidentally this is very similar to.

Like the Almondy tarts, the base is made with almonds and apricots. I think perhaps they're made by the same Swedish company.

The filling is very creamy and with a nice cheesy tang, although it wasn't quite the same as real cheesecake. It was tasty though. The blueberry filling on top is sweet and fruity, but perhaps not the best fruit to use in a cheesecake...I think something like Passionfruit would have worked better. Still, this was a very tasty cake and felt like a real treat, speaking as someone who is avoiding gluten. There's a serious lack of good desserts out there for us!

Overall, if you're avoiding gluten this is definitely worth a try, it's a bit different and makes a change from the regular Almondy tarts you can get in most supermarkets now.

7.5 out of 10.


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