Tesco Free From Fruit Loaf Cake

Before going on my recent sugar free diet, I tried a few different snacks which I haven't yet got round to reviewing...this new Tesco Free From Fruit Loaf Cake being one of them. I've always been partial to fruit cake so I wondered how it might taste without out the gluten.

Unfortunately it turned out to be a rather dry, bland cake filled with cheap sultanas and coated with hard crunchy sugar crystals. It just wasn't very appetising at all by itself, so I ended up slathering custard all over it to make it edible. This made it easier to eat, but it was still rather bland.

Come on Tesco, you can do better than this! Gluten free folk need cakes that taste just as good as the real thing! Other companies have achieved it so there's really no excuses. This is a miss for me.

RATING: 4 out if 10.

Are you gluten free? Have you tried this new Free From Fruit Loaf? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. It's a shame this wasn't very good (I haven't tried it, don't think I'll bother now) Asda seem to be out doing Tesco and Sainsbury's (who were the go to place for free from products when nowhere else stocked it) at the moment in terms of free from food (they have a wonderful Christmas range this year!). I'm on a GF diet (coeliac disease, along with dairy intolerance and egg allergy) and free from food has really come along way in the last two years, there was hardly anything worth eating a few years ago :/ Tesco released "Tesco finest" free from chocolate cake, Victoria Sponge and carrot cake in April/May this year and they were quite something, it's a shame they couldn't get this right.


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