Kingdom Banana Flavour Milk Chocolate

I originally reviewed Kingdom Chocolates a few years ago now, they brought out a range of bars proudly made in Britain (made by the same company as Montezumas) with flavours such as peanut butter and rhubarb, although I've not seen them in shops much since. I suspect the range may not have been a success and I can kind of see nice as they are, they don't quite live upto what they promise.

I was surprised to find this banana variety in a local independent discount store recently. I never knew such a flavour existed and it's quite a bold flavour to combine with chocolate. It's basically a milk chocolate bar with a banana flavoured softer milk chocolate center. The milk chocolate was very creamy, rich and good quality although nothing particularly distinctive. The banana flavour was pleasant, although it didn't really blend well with the milk chocolate and the whole thing became a bit sickly after a few bites. I wasn't too impressed really. I think it would've worked a lot better with a softer, milkier filling to showcase the banana better; somewhat like a banana milkshake chocolate!

Overall, as nice as it is to see a banana flavoured chocolate, this is a bit of a miss. I'm surprised they didn't go for the classic British flavour combo of banana and custard to be honest!

RATING: 6 out of 10.


  1. I remember being disappointed by Kingdom too. Shame this banana wasn't great, I have yet to find a really good banana chocolate.


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