Chocologic No Added Sugar Dark Chocolate

It's no secret that I've been trying to quit the sugar recently, and to that end I've been trying a lot of different dark chocolates that contain none. They can sometimes be too bitter, so when I heard that Chocologic were launching in Tesco with their stevia sweetened chocolate I was overjoyed! In fact I nipped over as soon as I knew these were available!

Glancing at the ingredients I noticed the chocolate contains "alimentary fibres" which consist of dextrin, inulin and oligofructose. Presumably these are a bulking agent, since the chocolate contains only 55% cocoa. 4 segments of the bar contain 2.5g of carbs and 0.4g of sugars. That's a very low amount of sugar for chocolate, although 4 segments is a very tiny amount of the bar so don't be fooled.

Opening the wrapper, there was a faint whiff of cocoa but it wasn't too strong. As a fan of rich dark chocolate I was surprised by this.

Snapping off the top layer of 4 squares, I took a bite. At first I couldn't really detect much was like a very mild semisweet dark chocolate...but without the sweetness. The sweetness from the stevia did hit me after a few bites, it was pleasant and mild and not bitter like some stevia can be. The problem though was that without the sweetness to make it moreish, and without the rich cocoa flavour of a strong dark chocolate, I didn't feel like I wanted to eat any more. It felt a little pointless actually, which may sound like a good thing if you're watching your weight but why buy chocolate if it doesn't make you want to scoff the whole thing?! It's meant to be a treat after all. I'd rather just do without than eat this chocolate which is neither here nor there. Maybe I would have fared better with the milk chocolate or hazelnut varieties...

Overall, as good as it is to see a lower sugar chocolate on shelves, I think it'd be better to go for a richer dark chocolate or just not bother eating chocolate at all. This is a miss from me I'm sad to say. I'll stick with my 100% cacao bars from Hotel Chocolat and Grenada Chocolate Co.

This bar cost £1.49 at Tesco, is suitable for vegetarians, contains soya, and may contain milk, nuts & gluten.

RATING: 6 out of 10.

Have you tried the new chocolates from Chocologic? If so what did you think? 


  1. I tried this for the first time yesterday. I have been eating a low carb and no sugar way of eating for over six months, and don't tend to eat much in the way of substitute sweeteners. After the initial sweetness hit me in this chocolate I found it rather lacking in chocolate, and found it more synthetic really. More of a sweet oil taste than cocoa. I think I shall stay with a small amount of dark Lindt if I need a chocolate hit to get passed a craving.

    1. Hotel chocolate do some nice 100% cocoa bars, I'd highly recommend the Honduras bar. It's very low carb. Also Willies cacao do a 100% bar now.

  2. I recently discovered Chocologic and, as a sugar addict on Weight Watchers, am actually overjoyed to find chocolate that is dark and not bitter, not too sweet, and has a low sugar content due to the stevia. I find myself (at the moment), content with two squares a night. Of course this is supplemented by another sweet snack. For me, it is a big hit, and I have spread the word.

  3. I also tried it yesterday and was deeply disappointed. I also feel more of a synthetic taste than an actual chocolate one. I though the reduction of sugar meant a more natural sweetening or no sweetening at all which I would have liked. After tasting it I did not like it and looked at the pack and saw the sweeteners addition. Eeek

  4. I think they need to put more Stevia in the chocolate, I tried the Milk chocolate and I think it needs to be sweeter...Somethings missing


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