Ben & Jerrys Love Is & Coconutterly Caramel'd, Tropical M&M's etc! (Snacks News)

ben and jerrys love is valentines

The new snacks just keep on coming this year, and it's still only January! By now I imagine many who follow me will have fallen off their "New Year, New You" plans? Yes? If so read on...

Ben & Jerry's UK have announced the release of a new Topped variety that will be available in February just in time for Valentine's Day. It's called "Love is..." and features Buttery brown sugar ice cream, salted caramel cups with a pink coloured coating, cookie swirl, a pink topping and pink hearts. And how amazing does it look?! Never mind your gotta love yourself before anyone else! (aka buy and eat one of these to yourself haha).

ben and jerrys coconutterly caramelled non dairy

This one will be music to the ears of anyone Lactose Intolerant or Vegan - Ben & Jerry's have launched a new Coconutterly Caramel'd Non Dairy Ice Cream. This will feature non dairy coconut flavoured ice cream, caramel and cookie swirls and chocolatey chunks. Available now (although I am yet to spot it!).

tyrrells aphrodisiac crisps

Also being launched especially for Valentine's Day are these new "Aphrodisiac" Honey & Chilli crisps from Tyrrell's. They claim to have "aphrodisiac effects", with the spicy chilli and sweet honey sending your body into overdive through endorphin release. At this point you have to "LOL"...

hot cross bun m&ms

One product I had to mention but which we sadly won't be getting in the UK are these Hot Cross Bun M&M's. Available in Australia only, these have caused quite a lot of excitement in the snacks world and I'll shortly be giving my thoughts on them. Thanks to Panda333 for the pic!

tropical m&ms

Also only available in Australia are these new Tropical M&M's for Summer. The flavours are pineapple and coconut, which sounds pretty unique to me! Thanks to @newproductsaustralia for the pic!


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