Waitrose Snowdrop Chantenay Carrots

Waitrose Snowdrop Chantenay Carrots

Taking a break from the constant deluge of sugary treats this festive season, I've decided to review something a little more normal but still fitting for Christmas and the snowy weather - snowdrop carrots! No, these are not parsnips despite looking like them, they are actually carrots and taste like carrots. So what's the difference between these white versus orange carrots? And are they just parsnip-carrot wannabes?

Waitrose Snowdrop Chantenay Carrots

I bought these from Waitrose, reduced to 85p from £1.50. I peeled, boiled and chopped them as you would regular carrots. Taking a bite of a slice before cooking, I was subconsciously expecting the taste of a parsnip...but they tasted just like a carrot, albeit slightly sweeter and lighter. They didn't seem as "heavy" tasting as regular carrots is the best way I can describe them!

Cooked and mashed, they were also a little sweeter and lighter tasting than regular carrots, but not much different. It was nice to have something creamy looking and white to fit with the snowy weather we've been having lately, and no doubt these will make a nice variation for stews or curries depending on what colours you like. Yes, there's not really much need for them but hey, they were interesting to try!

7.5 out of 10. 


  1. I actually thought these were like those Tesco truffle carrots so when I was reading you'd peeled, chopped and cooked them I was puzzled for a moment!

  2. They are parsnip imposters! They sound already and nice :-D


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