Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons & Freddo Faces Chocolate Tubes

Cadbury dairy milk Freddo faces buttons

I do often bemoan the quality of Cadbury's chocolate, and with good reason - the taste and texture has gone way downhill in recent years. However I am still human and love most things sweet so when offered to try the Cadbury Christmas range I didn't say no. Their 2017 products include a few newbies in their stocking fillers, including Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Faces. I was sent those along with Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons so thought I'd do a head to head comparison of the two!

Starting with the Freddo Faces these aren't all in one tube but rather in little packets inside the tubes, which is disappointing. It doesn't feel special but rather that they've just stuffed some regular products into a tube and given it a festive label. Still it makes them handy to give out as snacks and keeps them fresher. Well, in theory it does if you don't intend on eating them all at once!

They tasted nice, sweet and sugary, pretty much what you'd expect from Cadbury Freddo. No doubt they're perfect stocking fillers for kiddies especially with the fun Freddo shapes. Yes, the quality of the Dairy Milk isn't what it used to be, but they're still fun as far as cheap chocolates go - I can't knock that. And anything Freddo related always has a special nostalgic feel to it. 8 out of 10.

The Dairy Milk buttons are the classics we all know and love, they taste milkier and greasier than they used to but still have that comforting familiar taste underneath all the sugar. Again these come in little packets, somewhat cheapening the point of them being in a festive tube.

They tasted good, although I think giant buttons would have been better because these are a bit small and annoying to eat. But then I have a big mouth and they're not aimed at me so...yeah, I'm sure kids will love them! They're not quite as fun as the Freddo Faces, even though they are a classic. 7.5 out of 10.

Overall, what can I say but basically these are both fun and cheap chocolates that do what they say on the The Freddo Faces are a clear choice for the kiddies and the Dairy Milk Buttons would make a good stocking filler for pretty much anyone.


  1. I used to love Freddos! I picked up giant dairy free buttons from Tesco, they are good!


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