Tesco Gingerbread Flavour Milk Limited Edition

Tesco Gingerbread Flavour Milk Limited Edition

Kev's Christmassy Reviews have returned, hurrah! Although I've already reviewed a few festive treats this year such as the Tesco Candy Cane Crisps and M&S Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Tortillas, it's now December so it's "official" Christmas Review time. Hope you all enjoy reading! Today's review is a new limited edition from Tesco...

I have a love/hate relationship with ginger. It can be nice in puddings and cookies and mixed with other spices but I'm not a big fan of Gingerbread. I don't know why but I never liked it - even as a kid, I found it very boring. However, when paired with other ingredients it seems to work alot better, and creamier flavours balance out the spiciness and add a new dimension to it. So I was very curious indeed when I saw this new Gingerbread Limited Edition in Tesco recently.

Launched just in time for the Winter months, this cost a mere 50p for 330ml, is suitable for vegetarians and contains flavourings. It's made with 1% fat milk, so is good if you're watching your fat intake.

Tesco Gingerbread Flavour Milk Limited Edition

Thanks to the addition of thickeners it had a nice gloopy texture, despite the carton being quite small it felt more filling than it should have done. It tasted pretty good for such a cheap drink. The ginger comes through nice and strong and actually works well with the milk, and is balanced nicely. This made for a rather novel and different drink, something you wouldn't usually find!

Overall, I have to say this gingerbread milk is a definite win for Tesco - it's a nice novel limited edition that anyone who likes festive spices will be sure to enjoy. Pick one up whilst doing the Chrimbo shopping!

Do stay tuned for more Kev's Christmassy Reviews over December...there's a lot more to come! 

8 out of 10. 


  1. Aww Kev, this looks awesome. I honestly love anything gingerbread! Pity I cannot have it :-|

    Looking forward to more of your Xmas posts! Glad I found your blog - it's fun :-D


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