Marks & Spencer Chocolate Marbled Mallows

Marks & Spencer Chocolate Marbled Mallows

The big day isn't far away and the festive treats are flowing...well, they are if you review snacks anyway! Marks & Spencer have been leading the pack this year in terms of interesting Christmas foods, from the likes of Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Tortillas, Prosecco Caramels and even a Christmas Pudding Smoothie. For more do check out my Instagram page (there's updates daily!).

One thing I decided to try recently were these Chocolate Marbled Mallows, purely because they were reduced to £3, come in a fancy box and contain no suspect ingredients (for someone avoiding gluten, anyway!)

Marks & Spencer Chocolate Marbled Mallows

They're described as "vanilla mallow with marbled dark chocolate" and come in a fancy wooden tube style box, which you peel open to reveal a bag of mallow chunks.

Marks & Spencer Chocolate Marbled Mallows

They certainly looked super squishy and bouncy, with a nice chocolatey swirled effect going on. Plus there was the obligatory dusting of icing sugar.

They tasted pretty good, sweet and chewy and as you would expect, although I couldn't taste the dark chocolate much. There was a hint of cocoa flavour in there but it was overpowered by the sugary sweet mallow. Still these were pretty tasty and better quality than your average cheap marshmallow.

Overall, are these a win? Not quite, they're lacking that bit of "oomph" to make them not just any marshmallow, but an M&S marshmallow...still, they're pretty tasty if quality mallows are your thing. They'd also make a lovely gift just for the tube alone.

7 out of 10.


  1. The box looks cool but they look, well, not that great! I guess as long at they tasted good :-)


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