The Grown Up Chocolate Company Festive Fig & Port Milk Chocolate

Grown Up Chocolate Company Festive Fig & Port Milk Chocolate

As well as the Magnifient Mince Pie Milk Chocolate bar, The Grown Up Chocolate Company also sent me this Festive Fig & Port Milk Chocolate to review recently. I'm not the greatest fan of figs so I wasn't sure what to expect from them mixed with milk chocolate and port. But nevertheless chocolate is chocolate and I'm always game to eat it!

Described as "sweet and juicy festive figs drenched in lashings of port, encased in luxurious milk chocolate", these cost £2.95 per 100g bar and are available from The Grown Up Chocolate Comapnies website and selected stores:

Grown Up Chocolate Company Festive Fig & Port Milk Chocolate

Like the Magnificent Mince Pie Bar, this comes wrapped in gold foil as well as a paper wrapper, making it look super special. I do love foil wrapped chocolates - they're becoming a thing of the past and it's a real shame! The chocolate block is pretty thick to contain the fruit filling.

Splitting it apart, there were bits of fig sticking out from the chocolate. This made me shudder a bit - I really don't like the gritty texture of figs! However I ignored this and took a bite. The milk chocolate is creamy, melts in the mouth nicely and very good quality. The figs are gritty, as I expected but the port distracts from the texture by giving a nice boozy warming flavour. It blends well with them, and together with the chocolate makes for a nice festive, booze-tinged bar.

Overall, compared to The Magnificent Mince Pie bar I wouldn't say I liked this one as much, but it's not bad at all and is still very good quality. Maybe if I liked figs I'd enjoy it! If you have a port lover in the family, this would surely make a great Christmas gift for them.

7 out of 10. 


  1. Sounds alright. I do like port and figs!

  2. Ah I love figs! And they're so rarely used. On my recent trip back to the UK I found Fig Activia yogurts and bought them just because of the fruit they'd used. They're nice too!... If you like figs. ;)


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