Poundland Spoon It Out Easter Eggs

Poundland Spoon It Out Easter Eggs

Does this look familiar, anyone? Did you almost mistake it for a Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg N Spoon box? I nearly did when I passed by it in Poundland recently...

Poundland Spoon It Out Easter Eggs

Since Cadbury replaced the original Vanilla Egg N' Spoons with Oreo Egg N' Spoon, there's been a gap in the market for plain vanilla filled eggs, and it seems Poundland are the ones to fill it, quite literally. But are these as good as the Cadbury equivalent? That's the burning question you're all asking I'm sure...

Sadly they're not, in fact they are simply AWFUL! I don't know how they managed to go through a new product development trial to be honest...

Poundland Spoon It Out Easter Eggs

Starting off, they at least looked the part - in fact I'd say they look better than Cadbury's version. They come with one little spoon for 4 eggs, so you better eat all these yourself otherwise hygiene may be an issue! (Not that you'll want to...more on that later). The spoon looks like the ones you get with tiny pots of ice cream; cheap but it does the job...

Poundland Spoon It Out Easter Eggs

...even though it had no job to do, because the filling is so firm it's practically un-scoopable!

Poundland Spoon It Out Easter Eggs

Where the filling in Cadburys Egg 'N Spoons is soft and smooth, the filling here is like a block of hard vanilla icing sugar. For real! Scooping, or rather "scraping" a bit of it out made it crumble apart. There was no way I could get much more of it out without actually snapping the spoon. So I just shoved the egg in my mouth!

I wish I hadn't because these are awful. The filling tastes ridiculously sweet and has a weird stale milk flavour, presumably from the cheap whey powder in the ingredients. It's seriously like eating icing sugar but even that would have been more enjoyable than these! The chocolate tastes like cheap calendar chocolate, although I was expecting that anyway.

Well what can I say about these abominations that must have been laid by a diabetic chicken? They're dreadful and Poundland should be ashamed of them. Save your £1 and go for *The real thing instead...you'll thank me for it!

1 out of 10.

*These out-crap Cadbury's in terms of crapness. Now that's crap! 


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