J.D Gross Dark Chocolate Sea Salt (Lidl)

JD Gross Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

I always love trying a new chocolate bar, if it's new then chances are it's going in my basket...and when I saw this new J.D Gross Sea Salt Dark Chocolate in Lidl it was no exception. This costs £1.29, contains 56% cocoa solids and is dairy free, so is suitable for those who are vegan, although it may contain traces of milk, nuts and soya.

JD Gross Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

I do love the blocks on J.D Gross bars, they're so stylish and look extra special. Opening the foil wrapper, the chocolate had a pleasant semisweet aroma.

JD Gross Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

And it tasted lovely! I almost mistook it for milk chocolate as it's so sweet, but this isn't a bad thing at all...it's quite smooth and somehow the addition of the 0.5% sea salt brings out the smoothness more. It compliments the sweetness and lifts what otherwise might have been an average dark chocolate bar.

Overall, this is a surprisingly tasty new bar from J.D Gross/Lidl and one I would buy again if I'm passing by. It's always nice to get more variety of dairy free chocolates too!

8.5 out of 10.


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