Poundland Smooth White Chocolate

Poundland Creamy White Chocolate

After my disastrous experience with the abominable Spoon It Out eggs from Poundland recently, why would I subject myself to more chocolatey misery from them I hear you ask? Good question...I don't know what to say other than: curiosity! When I saw these new "Smooth" White Chocolate bars in Poundland, along with Milk and Dark chocolate varieties, my interest perked: I wonder how smooth they really are? £1 is a bargain for good white chocolate!

I didn't notice that the ingredients contain vegetable fats, which is presumably how they can call these "smooth" in the first place since they're not smooth in the sense of being melt in the mouth at all. Maybe they should have labelled them "Greasy"? You can have that idea on me Poundland...

Poundland Creamy White Chocolate

The blocks looked nice and it's a fairly chunky bar, but that's where the positives end. The chocolate tastes very faintly of "real" white chocolate (whatever that is, since many don't consider white chocolate as "real" chocolate anyway) and is very sweet and flavourless. There's not much creaminess or dairy notes to it at all, quite ironic don't you think?! It tasted more like a milky "flavoured" bar. I imagine it would be useful for coating cupcakes or used in baking, but even then I would go for something better quality.

Yes, save your pounds people and go for a Milkybar instead - infinitely more enjoyment will be had by your tastebuds!

4 out of 10. 


  1. Poundlands chocolate is rubbish! and it's not even that good value.

    Lidl sell 100g bars of chocolate, fin carre brand I believe oddly enough they're only 30p, yet the 200g of same make are more expensive.

    Get yourself a 100g bar of fin carre white choc, it reminds me of milky bar for 1/3 of the price.


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