Loving Earth Organic Salted Caramel Chocolate

Loving Earth Organic Salted Caramel Chocolate

The day of luuurve is upon us tomorrow, and for a change I'm shunning the more conventional sugar and truffle filled chocolates in favour of this; an organic, raw, dairy free and vegan white chocolate.

I found this bar, or rather "heart" in a local health food store for £1.75. It's made with virgin cacao butter, coconut nectar, raw cashew nuts, coconut and pink lake salt.

Loving Earth Organic Salted Caramel Chocolate

I do love the heart shape of it, it felt uber special when I unwrapped it and was rather unexpected. The colour reminded me somewhat of Caramac, and it had a strong cacao butter caramel aroma.

The first thing I noticed after biting into it was the texture; it's almost fudge-like, very melt-in-the-mouth and sort of greasy. It felt a bit unusual to eat something so soft! The taste is lovely; it has a strong natural salted caramel flavour, with the cacao butter coming through very prominently.

Being honest though I can't say I loved this chocolate, the main thing that lets it down is the texture...it's just a little "too" fudgey, which I put down to the high percentage of cacao butter. This is of course a good thing and makes it far healthier than chocolates that rely on sugar as the main ingredient, and it's a raw bar so I wasn't expecting anything conventional. However when compared to Solkiki's Toasted White which I bought on the same day, Solkiki is the clear winner.

Nevertheless, if you're dairy free or vegan and looking for something a bit different...this is most certainly worth a try! They do other varieties including Dark Chocolate and Creamy Coconut Mylk; I would beinterested in trying those...

7.5 out of 10.


  1. Oh my god what shop did u find this in I need one!!!!! X

    1. It was a vegan store called Farplace :)

    2. But you can also get them online.

    3. Ombar is a MILLION times better than this stuff. You have to try some!


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