Chocolate and Love Coffee 55% Dark Chocolate

Chocolate & Love Coffee Dark Chocolate

Chocolate and Love are a new Fairtrade organic brand that have recently been rolled out in Sainsbury's stores. Currently, they're on offer for £2 a bar, so I thought I'd see what they're all about. Being a lover of all things coffee I naturally went for the Coffee 55% cocoa dark chocolate, although their other varieties are very enticing too (they do Mint, Orange, Creamy Dark, Caramel Sea Salt).

This bar is not only fairtrade and organic, but dairy free and Vegan society approved. There's 4% organic coffee incorporated into the chocolate, which is a pretty decent amount compared to some coffee flavoured chocolates on the market.

The chocolate certainly smelled very rich and coffee-like, especially for a 55% cocoa bar. And it tasted just as rich as its aroma; there were some complex cocoa bean flavours, backed up with the the stronger coffee flavour. It was very tasty indeed! More of an espresso than a latte in coffee terms - this is definitely one for coffee purists.

Overall, it's always great to see more organic, ethically sourced vegan chocolates on shelves that cater for all needs. If you're a fan of richer and more flavoursome chocolates, this is one for you!

8 out of 10.


  1. Morrison did a cappuccino chocolate bar but it has disappeared from the shelves ūüėę defo going to go try find this bar!


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