Tesco Free From Choc Ice Sticks

Since these Free From Choc Sticks are on offer at Tesco for £1.50 for a box of three, I thought it about time I review them. I've tried them a few times now, and as much as I love a Magnum I also often enjoy the lighter taste of dairy free ice cream. Like the Toffee Vanilla Cones I reviewed previously, these contain lupin protein so they aren't suitable for anyone with a legume allergy, but they're free of all other allergens including soya and gluten. 

Theyre basically a dairy free chocolate Magnum, albeit smaller in size. Theyre coated in "chocolate flavoured coating" rather than real chocolate, which consists of a mixture of coconut fat, sugar and cocoa mass. The ice cream filling is a mixture of lupin protein, maltodextron and coconut fat.

They're very yummy. The ice cream is creamy, yet much lighter than dairy ice cream, and feels less heavy on thee stomach. I would go as far to say I prefer them over a Magnum because of the lightness....although, it would depend on my mood since nothing really beats a white chocolate Magnum! 

If you're dairy free and vegan these are a respectable alternative to a Magnum, I'd highly recommend seeking them out! I'd also recommend the new Tesco Free From Vanilla Iced Dessert which is also very yummy (review due soon). 

8 out of 10. 


  1. Leeeeeeeeeguuuuuuuume!!! Such a fun word haha. xx


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