Bounty Coconut Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Pieces Review

Putting chocolate bars into hot chocolate form is standard practice these days...and rarely do they taste like what they're supposed to, so I don't often buy them. However one that did catch my eye was this Bounty Coconut Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Pieces. I wasn't expecting it to taste of an actual Bounty bar of course, but coconut and hot chocolate sounded like a lovely pairing!

I found this in Poundland of all places, which is just as well because this stuff usually costs around £1.99 in other shops. You can make the hot chocolate with hot milk or water, milk is of course more indulgent, but I'm not a big milk drinker so I made it with hot water. I used about 5 teaspoons so it was nice and rich. There's milk chocolate button pieces in with the powder, which I don't see the point of since they just melted with the rest of the powder anyway.

This is a very nice hot chocolate, it definitely has a slightly tropical coconut flavour which is quite novel and makes for a nice change with hot chocolate. It was a tad artificial but I didn't mind. The hot chocolate is decent quality, nothing amazing but I imagine it'd be a lot nicer if made with hot milk rather than water. 

Overall, this is a rather nice hot chocolate, if you fancy a coconutty hot drink to relax with you can't really go wrong with it. I'd advise using hot milk rather than water though to make it worthwhile. 

8 out of 10. 


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