Muller Light Turkish Delight Limited Edition Yogurt

Muller light Turkish delight

I'm not usually one to eat Yogurt, but when I saw this Limited Edition Turkish Delight Flavour Muller Light in Tesco the other day I was intrigued enough to give it a try. It cost 55p and is described as "Turkish delight flavour fat free yogurt sprinkled with dark chocolate with sugars and sweeteners". Quite why it needs both sugar AND sweeteners is a mystery to me...

Muller light Turkish delight

Unfortunately this isn't suitable for vegetarians as it contains gelatin, but if you're following a slimming world plan it apparently contains zero syns.

Muller light Turkish delight

Opening the lid, it certainly had a strong Rose-scented Turkish Delight aroma. There were little specks of dark chocolate dotted through the yogurt, although once I dug in with a spoon I couldn't really taste them at all. I was initially quite taken aback by just how sweet this yogurt was, I haven't really eaten yogurt in years so this may be partly why, and I don't eat many products with artificial sweeteners either. It was just far too sweet. The Turkish delight flavour is nice although a bit synthetic, but what disappointed me the most was the lack of any dark chocolate flavour whatsoever. The flecks of dark chocolate may as well not have been there, they added no flavour at all.

Overall, I suppose if you're on a slimming world style diet then this might be a novel treat, but it's a pretty horrible yogurt in my eyes. The artificial sweetener just spoils it. Needless to say, I will not be buying any Muller Light yogurts again...

5 out of 10. 


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