Nestle Rolo Crack It Desserts

Rolo crack it dessert

After finding the new Yorkie Crack It desserts the other day, it didn't take me very long to find this Rolo variety...they were just in a different Tesco! They cost £1.30 for two 90g pots, and I'm sure they'll be on special offer at some point.

Rolo crack it

Like the Yorkie Crack It pots, these contain a layer of solid chocolate, but unlike those they contain a rather more inviting caramel dessert beneath.

When I opened the lid, the caramel was actually oozing out from underneath the chocolate topping. I promptly cracked through it with a spoon...

Nestle Rolo crack it dessert

It wasn't quite as fun this time around since I'd already experienced the same thing with the Yorkie desserts, but the thought of the caramel dessert beneath was exciting...

Nestle Rolo crack it

I'm pleased to say this dessert was a lot tastier than the Yorkie version, the caramel is the perfect gooey consistency, sweet and buttery, and the texture contrasts nicely with the "cracked" chocolate. However, it became obvious how poor quality the actual chocolate was with this really doesn't taste very good at all. I'm guessing it's because it's some kind of special compound chocolate mixture to make it suitable for chilling. It just tasted a bit bland and not very creamy.

Overall, I did enjoy these Rolo Crack It desserts, but I'm not sure if I'd buy them again or if I can see them lasting on shelves. They're a bit of fun but I can see the novelty wearing off pretty quickly. I actually prefer the somewhat similar After Eight Mousses that have bits of crackly chocolate mixed in...the combination works very well there.

7.5 out of 10 


  1. I have grown to trust you Kev.

    And then you throw it all away with this single review.

    There is nothing redeeming about these desserts. The chocolate is like that on a 1980s choc-ice from Iceland. The brown goop is dank, somehow being both watery and cloying at the same time.


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