Galaxy Double Chocolate Indulgence Ice Cream

Galaxy double chocolate indulgence ice cream

I love Jack Fultons Frozen Food stores, they always have import products you're not likely to see in any other UK shops; I've had a lot of interesting stuff from there over the years! One such product I found there recently was this Galaxy Double Chocolate Indulgence icecream, which comes in small pots that were 4 for £1. 

Galaxy double chocolate indulgence

The pots come with a small plastic spoon beneath the lid, which is very handy! The ice cream is a basic chocolate flavour ice cream with swirls of chocolate sauce through it. It looked very inviting!

Galaxy double chocolate indulgence

It tasted okay, but it wasn't particularly chocolatey and certainly didn't taste of Galaxy chocolate. I was a bit disappointed to be honest, after all you expect Galaxy to be in there somewhere! It tasted like a regular basic supermarket chocolate icecream, it's the sort of thing Asda would sell in large tubs for a low price.

Overall, as novel as it is to see Galaxy in ice cream form, don't be fooled by this, it's very disappointing. It's just as well that it's not widely available really! 

5 out of 10. 


  1. I got really excited when I saw 'Galaxy' and 'Ice Cream' in the same sentence! Thanks for letting us know it's not worth the hype!


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