Ülker Golden 70% Cacao with Pistachios - Turkish Dark Chocolate Bar Review

Whilst browsing a local Turkish store I came across this Ülker dark chocolate bar with pistachios. I've previously reviewed the Ülker Milk Chocolate Hazelnut bar and was very disappointed as it was a bit stale, but thought I'd give them another chance. I was especially intrigued by a bar containing pistachio nuts as it's not something you see that often!

Opening the cardboard sleeve revealed a lovely golden foil-wrapped bar. I have to say Ülker are great with the presentation of their chocolates! Of course it also fits with the name "Golden", which is even better!

Opening the foil revealed a rather glossy looking bar. It looked a lot nicer than some other dark chocolate bars I've tried.

Snapping it in half revealed plenty of chunky pistachio pieces embedded within the chocolate. They certainly don't skimp on them!

Taking a bite I was met with quite an intense dark chocolate but unfortunately it didn't have a particularly distinctive flavour, it was just quite bitter. The pistcahios were a nice addition and added a lovely savoury nuttiness, but unfortunately they got lost under the harshness of the chocolate. I've heard there's an Ülker Golden White Chocolate variety with pistachios, which sounds like it might be a bit nicer than this. I'll certainly keep my eye out for it, because although this bar didn't quite work I imagine pistachios would work better with creamier chocolate.

Overall, this is an interesting bar but the harshness of the dark chocolate just doesn't work with pistachios. Hopefully I can get my hands on the white chocolate version!

RATING: 6.5 out of 10. 


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