Peanut Butter Oreo Wafer (Chinese) Review

Many thanks to Bring Back Banjo Bar for sending me this Oreo Peanut Butter wafer recently - she's quite the wafer expert thanks to her campaign to bring back the long lost Banjo bar, and has sent me some great wafer bars recently. Please do sign the petition to bring back Banjo HERE!

At first I wasn't sure what this bar was as the writing is all in Chinese but the blue design just screamed "Oreo!" at me. I gathered that the logo in the corner was Kraft and the images of peanuts suggested it contained peanut butter. A quick google revealed that Grocery Gems reviewed this bar back in January - I must have missed it!

Opening the wrapper revealed a crumbly chocolate wafer with a beige-coloured peanut butter cream filling.

The wafer had a nice rich cocoa flavour whilst the peanut butter cream provided a hit of nutty, salty creaminess. The cream was a little sparse and got lost in the dryness of the wafer, but despite this the bar still made for a decent snack with a cup of coffee. Overall this wafer is an interesting novelty; definitely worth a try if you see it!

Please sign the Banjo Petition here and like Bring Back Banjo on Facebook - every bit of support is much appreciated!


  1. Thanks for the mention Kev! I''ve since tried a few other flavours of these Oreo wafers but I haven't got round to writing the reviews yet lol

  2. This looks amazing!!! Great review :)


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