The Mallow Tree Mini Eggs Review (TK Maxx)

Some more mini eggs I picked up in TK Maxx recently were these by The Mallow Tree. They were reduced in price and I'd never heard of Mallow Tree before so I couldn't resist giving them a whirl!

I'm glad I did as they turned out to be very tasty mini eggs indeed, in fact far better in quality than anything from the major confectionery companies like Cadbury or Mars!

The eggs had thick, chunky shells in pastel colours with speckles on. They looked very impressive indeed...far better than Cadbury Mini Eggs!

The shells were much thicker and crunchier than Cadbury Mini Eggs, and the chocolate inside was richer and darker. They tasted fantastic - extremely creamy and rich, with a higher percentage of cocoa solids compared to mass produced mini eggs. They were far more satisfying too!

Overall, I thought these mini eggs from The Mallow Tree were fantastic and some of the better quality ones I've tried - it's just a shame they're not more widely available! I would recommend checking out TK Maxx after Easter though as they often reduce unsold Easter may just pick up a bargain!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.


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