Sainsbury's Hot Cross Bun Tea Review

sainsburys hot cross bun tea

Sainsbury's sure do like to create some interesting seasonal teas don't they? Who can forget the Pigs in Blankets and Brussels Sprouts Christmas teas from a few years back? Now they have opted for something that sounds a bit more pleasing to the palate, combining the flavours of Rooibos tea, orange, lemon and spice to give that Hot Cross Bun flavour. These cost £1 a box.

I'm glad they used Rooibos tea for this as it's a milder, less harsh tea that works well with fruit and spices. I was actually very surprised by this - beyond the novelty aspect it's very nice! There's a strong flavour of citrus, which is the most dominant taste and there's the gentle flavour of spices in there too. It's as close to hot cross bun in tea form as you're going to get, I suspect. Not bad at all!

sainsburys hot cross bun tea

I've tried it both with and without milk and although it's better with milk, it's lovely without it too.

Overall, a nice refreshing tea that will be very welcome over the Spring and Easter seasons. Grab yourself some hot cross buns to munch on along with it and you've got the perfect tea break/elevenses!


  1. Okay sounds interesting. Must try it! I do like odd teas haha :-D

  2. I should have looked for this when i was at a bigger store on Sunday as I rarely am!

    I bought asda rhubard and custard tea infusion and it's really good too.

  3. Sounds like something I might like! I’m currently trying out Taylors of Harrogate decaf bedtime tea with vanilla and nutmeg as I received it as a gift a while back. Would love to see you do more tea reviews! Hope you are keeping well as safe. :-)

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I'll definitely try to, I'm really into iced teas and infusions at the moment! Also love a good Rooibos! Hope you're well too :)

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  5. Very interesting, I have seen some weird teas before but never one that is hot cross buns flavoured :P
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