Mint Maltesers Buttons Review

mint maltesers buttons

It seems we have a contender for the crown of Cadbury Orange Twirls aka the Most Elusive Chocolates...Mint Maltesers Buttons! These have proven very hard to find, I luckily managed to find them in WH Smith for a whopping 98p a bag and snapped up a couple, but they have since completely disappeared off shelves. They're supposed to be in Co Op stores too - but I haven't seen any in mine yet.

mint maltesers buttons

They're similar to the regular Maltesers Buttons, with crunchy Malteser bits embedded in milk chocolate, but with a minty flavour. The mint is subtle and gentle, it blends nicely with the sweet milk chocolate and malt bits, but to be honest they didn't wow me. I think releasing actual Mint Maltesers in the UK would have been a better choice than these...but baby steps I suppose?

Overall, not a bad new variety from Maltesers but I do wish they'd give us something a bit more exciting. Like White Maltesers! Who's with me?

8 out of 10. 


  1. Sounds mad but cool! Minty maltesers!

  2. UGHHHHH, these putrid brands having to move away from there spherical roots as they know that they cant contend with the one, true spherical sweet based treat: Skittles. They know they cant compete so they are expanding into a new area of the market and to be quite frank, it isn't working. Not one bit. I don't think the idea is there, nor the marketing and the short supply is proof they are not confident in their ideas. Mint + Malteaser = Minteaser?????? Flavour nor concept is there so why bother?

    Yours truly, skittles_muncher42069

  3. I tried a few of these buttons recently and really found them to be a bit of a let down. The flavour and texture just wasn't right and had a very waxy/minty fresh toothpaste taste and texture to them... Thank you for your review though Kev :).


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