Morrisons The Best Lemon & Juniper Gin Dark Chocolate

Morrisons The Best Lemon & Juniper Gin Dark Chocolate

Just a quick review for this Lemon and Juniper Gin Dark Chocolate from Morrisons today. I bought this a while back so no longer have the packaging, but from my notes it's vegan, dairy free and suitable for vegetarians and contains around 52% cocoa solids. I don't believe there was any actual alcohol in the ingredients, although it does of course contain juniper berry and lemon flavorings. (edit: Ingredients list is on Morrisons website).

Morrisons The Best Lemon & Juniper Gin Dark Chocolate

I'm not a huge fan of gin, at least from the little of it that I've tried thus far, so wasn't sure what to expect from this. But it's actually rather pleasant! The taste is more of lemon and citrus, with a hint of the more herby juniper, that works quite well with it. The chocolate is just rich enough and just sweet enough to please fans of both darker chocolate and sweeter chocolate. If you're vegan or dairy free and need some variation in your chocolate choices, this is a great option. It's not something I'd buy again personally but that's because I prefer orange or mint dark chocolates over lemon, but it's certainly a nice alternative. If you're looking for a strong gin flavour however you won't find it here - sorry folks!


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