Nestle Milkybar Mini Eggs (now #glutenfree!)

nestle milkybar mini eggs

After my excitement over the new Nestle Orange Smarties Mini Eggs being #glutenfree (hurrah!) I further discovered that not only are the regular Smarties Mini Eggs gluten free, but so are their Milkybar Mini Eggs counterparts. Exciting times! I don't know why they needed to put wheat gluten in the originals in the first place - but there you go - it's an odd world we live in. They now contain rice starch, presumably as a bulking agent.

milkybar mini eggs

These cost £1 and are available from various supermarkets, although I found them in Tesco. They're your typical Milkybar white chocolate encased in a white crisp sugar shell. A simple, sugary and tasty combination!

milkybar mini eggs gluten free

They may not be all that exciting to look at but they sure were very tasty. Sugar is of course the most prominent flavour, followed by milk. The crunchy texture makes them more interesting than just eating plain Milkybar and keeps you reaching for one after the other, making for a very moreish snack. These may not win awards for innovation but they will certainly keep kids and big kids alike happy this Easter!

Overall, this is definitely one for the sugar lovers and anyone who's just a big kid at heart and loves some white chocolate! These are also available as a mixed bag with Smarties Mini Eggs, available exclusively from Tesco stores for £2.

8.5 out of 10. 


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