Grown Up Chocolate Company Magnificent Mince Pie Milk Chocolate

Grown Up Chocolate Company Magnificent Mince Pie Chocolate

A big thankyou to The Grown Up Chocolate Company for today's post, who kindly offered me some of their Christmas chocolate bars to review. I was originally going to be sent a "Make Your Own Bar" voucher but these had run out so festive choccies it was! Not that I'm complaining - I've been wanting to try this Mince Pie Bar since I first heard about it, but have never been able to find it in shops. You can however get it from The Grown Up Chocolate Companies website:

Described as "Luxury pieces of magnificent mince pie filling packed into the dreamiest milk chocolate bar", this costs £2.95 for 100g. It is paper and gold foil wrapped, making it feel uber-special. I was pleased to see there was no wheat flour in the recipe as the mince pie filling is purely mincemeat and not pastry. Woohoo! That said, it "may" contain cereals containing gluten according to the warning on the wrapper, presumably as it's made in a factory that processes gluten. So don't eat this if you're super sensitive!

Grown Up Chocolate Company Magnificent Mince Pie Chocolate

Opening the foil, the chocolate felt quite thick and chunky, presumably to protect the mincemeat filling.

Grown Up Chocolate Company Magnificent Mince Pie Chocolate

I broke a few pieces off. The mincemeat oozed out and was just like the innards of a mince pie.

Grown Up Chocolate Company Magnificent Mince Pie Chocolate

Taking a bite, the chocolate is very creamy and melt in the mouth, good quality and the perfect casing for the mincemeat filling. It pretty much takes the place of pastry and does a great job of it. The filling is spicy, fruity and gooey...pretty much a good quality mincemeat! It blends surprisingly well with the milk chocolate, making for a nice chewy filling.

Overall, as Mince Pie meets Milk Chocolate goes this could have been a bit gimmicky and a fail, but in practice it actually worked out very well. The flavours blend well together, making for a luxury tasting novelty bar that is perfectly fitting for the festive season. If you're a fan of novelty chocolates or you know someone who is, this would make a lovely Christmas gift!

Suitable for vegetarians, contains milk & almonds. May contain cereals containing gluten, peanuts and other nuts.

8.5 out of 10. 


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