Kinnerton Just Chocolate Florida Orange

Kinnerton Just Chocolate Florida Orange

Recently Home Bargains started selling a new variety of Kinnerton Just Chocolate, which is dairy free, vegan and gluten free. This variety is flavoured with Florida Orange and costs just 19p a bar - a bargain for anyone looking for dairy free chocolate!

Kinnerton Just Chocolate Florida Orange

The bars are thin and reminded me of Milkybars. They taste of semisweet dark chocolate (55% cocoa solids) with a hint of zesty orange, which tastes very refreshing - it seems that Florida orange is indeed different to regular orange. I really enjoyed these and would happily buy them again, which isn't something I can say for the regular Kinnerton dark chocolate bars.

Overall, if you're dairy free or vegan these are a perfect tasty little treat - be sure to stock up on them if you have a Home Bargains nearby!

8.5 out of 10. 

Nutrition Information (per 25g bar): 138 Calories, 1.6g Protein, 8.9g Fat, 11.8g Carbohydrates, 10.7g Sugars


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