Thorntons Candyfloss Truffle Chocolates

Recently I spotted a new range of limited edition Thorntons chocolates at WH Smiths, so naturally I couldn't resist giving them a try, not when the flavours are as interesting as these! They include Toffee Apple Caramels, Toasted Marshmallow Truffles and also these Candyfloss Parfait Truffles. You can vote for the flavour you want to stay on shelves via Thorntons website

These are described as "Candyfloss flavour parfait in white chocolate with pink sugar sprinkles", but the filling also contains raspberry powder to give it that pink colour. They cost £1 a bag, or you can get them on offer of 2 for £1.60 at Wh Smiths. Weirdly, they cost £3 a bag in actual Thorntons stores!

They're nice and there's a definite sweet raspberry flavour, but it's very sugar dominated! That's all I could really taste, which I guess is no surprise since Candyfloss is pretty much just sugar. The white chocolate was overpowered by the filling, which is saying something since white chocolate is very sweet anyway. These really are sugar bombs!

Overall, I think these Candyfloss chocolates are a nice idea that don't really work in practice. They look good but they're just far too sweet to be enjoyable. 

RATING: 6 out of 10

Stay tuned for a review of the Toffee Apple & Marshmallow varieties which were much nicer!


  1. I really want to try these and like you say in theory they sound tasty but I always find Thorntons chocolates too sweet anyway so I'd probably feel the same way - oh well, will probably still give them a go.

    1. The other flavours are definitely worth a try :)

  2. I'd like to try these, they look delicious. Toffee Apple Caramels sound good too.


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